Friday, August 10, 2007

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In case you hadn't noticed, this blog is dead.

There will be a new one later. In the meantime, don't believe everything that you read.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday stuff!

Lollapalooza full lineup finally announced

In addition to such big-name headliners as Modest Mouse, the Stooges and the previously confirmed Pearl Jam, the August 3-5 festival in Chicago's Grant Park will feature sets from Daft Punk, Muse, Interpol, Lupe Fiasco, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Snow Patrol, the Roots, Paulo Nutini, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Patti Smith, Spoon, Amy Winehouse, the Hold Steady, Peter Bjorn and John, the Fratellis and Cold War Kids.

San Diego's Live Nation-produced Street Scene festival in negotiations to move to a larger space

Armed with a few tunes and a limp stage show, she's nonetheless on the road to pop domination, Lily Allen adds ever more US tour dates.

Lily DJing her afterparty last night in NYC at LOVE with DJ Aaron LaCrate

Austin 360 speculates on who will headline this year's Austin City Limits.

The Police and Pearl Jam are two names being thrown around, along with last year’s wish listers: Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And it sure looks like the reunited Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan’s back together again), who are playing every festival that doesn’t include a livestock contest, are headed here in September.

Live Nation to restore legendary Hollywood Palladium

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm back and hoping I can get away with stealing Largehearted Boy's blogroll style.....

Pollstar discusses one company that is offering ticket insurance

The company, World Access, is also in the travel insurance biz, and VP of Marketing Communications Mark Cipolletti explained to Pollstar that when people travel for big events like concerts and something goes wrong with the trip, those people miss out on the event as well...... And when concertgoers opt to insure their tickets, Cipolletti said they are covered for "unforeseen medical, travel, and other circumstances that would prevent you from attending the event.

"Basically, it covers 100 percent of the ticket price, including any taxes that you've paid or shipping charges that you've incurred," he said. "It totally makes you whole for what you purchased the ticket for and it's coverage up to $10,000."

Line-ups for Al Gore and Live Nation's Live Earth benefit concert in London and New Jersey announced. The benefit concerts are planned for July 7th in seven major cities around the world. The other cities are Shanghai, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Antarctica (???).

Here's info about how to obtain those free Ozzfest tickets

Websites for Ozzfest, Live Nation, Monster Energy, Jagermeister Music and F.Y.E have begun posting sponsor websites where fans can find codes and redeem them for tickets on June 12. Only two tickets will be up for grabs per person. To get the tickets, fans have to punch in the code at the website they registered for or go to Live Nation's Ozzfest website.

In Chicago Sun-Times, Jim DeRogaitis writes briefly about why Intonation Festival isn't happening this year.

Concert industry observers said Thursday the fact that Intonation has dropped out of the busy summer concert season for what would have been its third year underscores that the vibrant Chicago live-music market may be becoming saturated with weekendlong multiband events.

Live Nation grabs a stake in UK's Academy Music Holdings owners of popular venues Carling Academy Brixton and Shepherd's Bush Empire.

In the big branding move I was waiting for, Live Nation has announced plans to expand The Fillmore brand. New York's Irving Plaza, Philadelphia's Theatre of Living Arts and Detroit's State Theatre will join Miami's Jackie Gleason Theatre, and the two currently existing Fillmore's in San Francisco and Denver to form the national club brand.

"We do thousands of shows in small and midsized venues every year and we have some great venues, even putting aside the two existing Fillmores and House of Blues," (Bruce) Eskowitz (Live Nation's CEO of North American Music) told Pollstar. "We have some of the best, absolutely great venues in the United States. "We are converting many of those and you'll continue to see us convert and expand many of them to both The Fillmore and House of Blues brands," Eskowitz continued.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Live Nation Earning Call Report

So this call was brief and to the point. They are still operating at a loss, but a much narrower loss. They've acquired a lot of very valuable properties in the past year and while there were expenses involved in the purchases, they were one time costs, so the losses were brief investments which should (hopefully!) bring more profits (and get them out of the red) soon.

OK, enough money stuff.......
Burning Questions Answered!!

What’s been sold? What markets are they pulling out of?

Over the last year, Michael Rapino has brought singular focus to this company. The focus is MUSIC! The sports division was sold off, as well as a number of theater properties. By the end of the year most of their theater properties will be gone. They have been selling venues in smaller markets, but they didn't make much mention of where they are pulling out next. They did--however--mention that for tax reasons they would be unable to sell Boston Opera House, Hilton Theater, and a number of UK theater properties this year, so those will be hanging around for at least a few more quarters.

They also plan to hold on to the motor sports division--for the time being. Though Rapino did say that they would reevaluate the motor sports holding after the theater sale.

What’s been acquired? What markets are they entering?

In the last few quarters, Live Nation acquired Trunk, House of Blues, Concert Promotion International, and Music Today in order to expand their work in the global music business. The acquisition of CPI was the most notable and profitable acquisition making them the number one promoter in Canada and bringing in billions in revenue. In addition, they announced last week that they were expanding the French and Spanish markets with the Gamerco purchase.

What is their mission now (they were looking for a clarity of mission last we checked)?

MUSIC, MUSIC, AND MO MUSIC. As Rapino mentioned in the Credit Suisse presentation, they want to monetize every aspect of the live experience from the minute you go online to buy the ticket to the moment you peel away from the parking garage, your car full of artists' swag (Trunk LTD), and your car slapped full of the artist's bumper stickers.

Where are they with House of Blues acquisition?
All set! They are looking to expand the brand internationally!

Where are they on the online store with Music Today?
No mention.

What's up with food/beverage deals? Ticketing deals?
It looks like they will be renegotiating with Aramark. They don't want to be in the food and beverage business but "they would like to increase their margin." AS for Ticketmaster, it didn't sound so promising. Live Nation definitely wants a more direct relationship with the artist. It "will be a longer process to see if Ticketmaster and us can have a great future together and meet each other’s needs.”

Anything else interesting?

* They seem really excited about the Ozzfest deal and are interested to see whether it might work as a new model. They are looking for artists that are willing to share the (ever-expanding) backend, so that they can reduce their upfront expenses.

* Guidance-wise, the company is concerned about the summer season. “Doesn’t look like the superstar lineup is on the road….At this point it is fairly early in the year.." Rapino said. However they are very excited about The Police tour

* The booking strategy for ampitheaters will change this year, but to what? I dunno yet, but those things have GOT to stop losing money hand over fist

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Live Nation - Fourth Quarter Earnings Call On Now

Live Nation Fourth Quarter Earnings Call is on now!

* What I’m Listening For:

* What’s been sold? What markets are they pulling out of?

* What’s been acquired? What markets are they entering?

* What is their mission now (were looking for a clarity of mission last we checked)?

* Where are they with House of Blues acquisition?

* Where are they on the online store with Music Today?

* More details on Gamerco acquisition…

* News on any new beverage/food deals…

* The plan for ticket-selling in the coming years, are they sticking with Ticketmaster?

* More on artist development!

Full report coming soon!

BRIEF: Live Nation Gets Buy After Spanish Play

Live Nation has maintained its "buy" rating from Morgan Stanley after purchase of Gamerco, the largest promoter in Spain. As Gamerco is also a major holder in French promotion company Jack Lombar, this acquisition is an important part of Live Nation's strategy to further push into European markets.

More info here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bumbershoot Gets A Boost

(via Seattle PI ) One Reel, producer of Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, will receive a much needed boost of financial support for the festival from concert promoters AEG Live. The hope is that this support will allow the festival to attract bigger draws.

"Obviously, they are titans on the sponsorship and talent buying level, so they can bring a lot to the table in those areas," Bumbershoot artistic director Michele Scoleri said of AEG Live.

While the terms of the deal were not disclosed the companies have divulged that the agreement is for a five year term and will involve AEG financially underwriting the festival while One Reel maintains creative control. Bumbershoot will also benefit from being associated with AEG's other large festivals, New Orleans Jazz Fest and Coachella.

This announcement comes just days after House of Blues/ Live Nation announced the lineup for their forthcoming Sasquatch Festival, and event that has emerged and overtaken Bumbershoot in the region. With this extra push, perhaps Bumbershoot will be able to--once again--be a contender.

BRIEF: Brakes on Van Halen Reunion

Second life expectancy: Health (Eddie) and aging (Roth) issues, plus possible personality clashes, make a longtime return a long shot.
- USA Today, February 14, 2007

So lo and behold they were right (and won't that learn ya to just toss that complimentary copy of USA Today after the flight)! According to Pollstar, the drama-ridden hair rockers couldn't stop the infighting long enough to get the show on the road and collect their big paycheck.

According to Pollstar accounts, the whole thing was mired from the start due to miscommunication between the parties involved and improper planning. Rumors fueled the press announcement (made by whom? when? we dunno), and some still don't believe the gig is off.

The full skinny can be found here. If you sort it out, let me know.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BRIEF: Band Reunion Vital Signs

In light of all the upcoming band reunions, USA Today decided to try and gauge how long these "comebacks" will stay back. Here's a snippet:

Rage Against the Machine

Original life span: The agitprop rap-metal band was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles and crashed in 2000 with vocalist Zach de la Rocha's abrupt departure. Guitarist Tom Morello, drummer Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford forged rock band Audioslave with ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell.

The resurrection: Rage is reigniting at the Coachella festival with Wilk, de la Rocha, Commerford and Morello.

Vital statistics: The band sold 10.2 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Rock hits included Bulls on Parade,Sleep Now in the Fire and Guerilla Radio.

Potential tour success: "They were a legendary live act," Waddell says. "If they go over well at Coachella, I think more dates are likely."

Second life expectancy: If they keep their rage focused against the machine, instead of on each other, nothing stands in the way of a successful return.

The rest of the predictions here.