Thursday, December 21, 2006

U2's Beautiful Days On The Road

The GAME should have a chat with U2. While The GAME is "in prison" on the road. U2 is having the time of their lives, even after 20 years of the grind. According to a recent tour diary post:

Touring is hell...

‘Touring is hell, or it used to be. These days it's an amazing
privilege, and it gets better each time we go out.

We fly around the world getting applause from our fans for just showing up, and we get to do the thing we most love: playing our music. On days off we get to see some of the most beautiful areas of the country we’re in.

Maybe The GAME should consider making watered down feelgood music instead???

Full blissful tour diary post here.

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molly said...

The Game is a bit whiny.

Damn rappers!