Thursday, June 29, 2006

BRIEF: Dave Matthews Gets Clean

A year after Dave Matthews Band was fined for dumping human waste from their tour bus into a river (and actually hitting a passing by riverboat), the band have announced a new environmentally friendly touring plans. Through Native Energy and Clean Air-Cool Planet the band will be offsetting 100% of their carbon emissionss. For those of you who (like me) have no idea what that means. Let's learn together!

According to, this means that the band will be use a meter to keep track of their CO2 emissions and then make an exact dollar donation to the abovementioned organizations sustainable energy projects. Native Energy is a Native American run organization that helps companies build renewable energy systems and Clean Air Cool Planet educate and advocate on
general reduction of carbon emissions.

"As artists we need to act now to slow global warming. Carbon offsets are one thing we can do to help and we felt working with NativeEnergy was a good place to start,” says Dave Matthews Band.

For more info about the hideous effects of carbon emissions on our environment watch, An Inconvenient Truth (but I warn you, you might need a cup of coffee it is a little dry).
For more info about Native Energy click here.
For full article click here

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