Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Festivals are Eco Friendly !

Very exciting news. It seems every major US rock festival has made a massive commitment to sustaining our environment. Perhaps in light of the war and rising fuel costs and the ever looming threat of global warming evidenced by last year's massive hurricanes, major concert promoters from the obvious Boonnaroo and Lollapalooza to the less expected Warped and Austin City Limits tour have decided to make their events entertaining and educational.

Here's a short list of the great summer initiatives:
* Boonaroo will offer commemorative shirts made of hemp; biodegradable cutlery and plates; sitewide recycling; and natural energy sources
* Warped tour will be going 100% biodiesel with its fleet of 18 buses, 14 production trucks, and half its backstage generators
* Charles Attal's Austin City Limits bought "green power" for Zilker Park through Austin Energy's Renewable Energy Program
* Lollapalooza has been welcomed to Chicago due in part to a stated commitment to improving Chicago's city parks.

I look forward to eco-responsibility becoming the hip new thing!

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